Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catching Up

Well 2009 was a great and busy year for us! I have learned a lot even added a knitting team member! Of course he happens to be my husband who has been knitting for several years and is now knitting longies and sweaters!

So, we are now offering knitting services on top of our already long line of quality products that we offer.

2010 will bring more fun times! To kick things off Feb 1st we will be hosting an all newborn stocking, check it out, there will be an OBV momma/baby snuggle wrap, longies, a new yarn colorway and more. There will also be some free for shipping drawings popping up during the day.

In March we turn one!! I will be running some sock yarn clubs around March/April as well as continual custom slots for different things. :D

Thank you all for the continued support it means so much to us to see so many repeat customers!